Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Supply Chain Management

Cross Docking refers to the logistics practice in the unloading and loading of materials with little or no unnecessary storage in between. To ensure that the quality of goods would be enjoyed by the customer first hand. To avoid all sorts of potential causes of inefficiencies in the distribution operations Walmart features a logistics infrastructure that is guaranteed to be fast and responsive transporation system wherein the distribution centers are being serviced. Walmart recognizes the need to hire dedicated drivers who can share in the belief of prioritizing customer service.
Benefits of Cross Docking - Walmart has reaped the reduction in the handling and storage of finished goods and most importantly the competitive edge of having an efficient supply chain management system that includes reduction in lead time, speedy inventory turnover, accurate forecast of inventory levels, reduction in safety stock, reduction in the dependency of the distribution center and thereby further causing reduction in the trainning costs and errors.

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