Monday, June 8, 2009

Service Process Design

-The 3 elements of the service-product bundle
Walmart’s provides the three elements of the service product bundle. Their explicit service is the interactions the customer has with the Walmart employees, their helpfulness, and their courtesy. The implicit service is providing customers a blissful experience. This is done in several ways. They have many workers making sure the place is clean, organize, and easy for customers to find what they are looking for. In some stores they have soft music playing and provide customers with the product they need at a low price. The facilitating goods would be the variety of products they provide for customers at low price.

-The cell they operate in on the service matrix
Walmart falls in the highly standardized service this is why they have a provider routed service. Customers have few options during the service or delivery. All customers in the Wal-mart store get the same service. Employees are supposed to interact, have courtesy, and be helpful to all customers. They have limited number of process pathways that customers can go to. The services offered are standardized with highly repeatable business. The customer comes into the store and grabs whatever products they want, proceed to checkout where a trained cashier helps the customer pay for their items. There are only a certain amount of processes a customer can do that walmart offers. Process like buying, returns, layaway.

-Some types of customer contact they encounter and how they respond to it. Do they use self service? Do they use technology? Do they use focused operations? How do they support employees?
Customers encounter self services by picking out their own products and self checkout. Technology is introduced with the cashiers and customer service reps using highly sophisticated computer inventory tracking systems.

-What types of service recovery and guarantees do they offer?
Walmart offers a return policy for all products bought at their store. Within 90 days of the puchase they will exchange or refund items with a receipt. They have exceptions too. Depending on the item the return policy may be for 45 days, 30 days, or 15 days. This gurantees customer satisfaction with the services of provided.

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