Thursday, June 11, 2009

Managing Quality

Wal-mart quality design is knocking down prices for customers. They have the lowest prices providing customers need for inexpensive items. This is a need that can be met by many customers and many different people.

Their Quality of conformance is being able to provide customers with the lowest prices. The world’s largest retailer is known for their performance in operations and meeting their product specifications.

Wal-mart has all the abilities for managing quality. First, they have the availability of keeping the quality the same and consistent as a whole for customers. They have great inventory system that keeps all their products available for purchase. Even though they try to keep inventory low they always have enough to keep on the shelves because they make frequent orders. The world’s largest retailer has reliability. Wal-mart has a reputation of providing customers with good and efficient products for a good price. Wal-mart’s grocery and general merchandise is very reliable and this is why so many people shop at Wal-mart. Their services are also reliable such as pharmacy, auto repair, and tire shop. The combination of both their merchandise and services has given them the reputation of selling good quality at a low price. The reason they have been the world’s largest retailer is because they have been able to keep their maintainability. In other words they have created maintainability through restoration of their products and services before they fail.

Wal-mart field service or also known as customer service is excellent. The reason their field service is successful is because the employees in customer service are trained to have courtesy, competence, promptness, and integrity. Their priority is customer satisfaction and this is why Wal-mart have a variety of warranty on their products.

Wal-mart currently has a quality system where they sell directly to the main customers so their service must have higher quality. They are the last stop for products before they get into the public hands.

I would recommend Wal-mart to focus more on marketing their services and not just their low prices on products. People are well aware of their low prices but are not as aware of the high quality services they provide. They provide high quality service for their pharmacy, auto repair, and tire shop. If they do this they will bring in a new crowd of customers and make more profit.


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